Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Case For Losers

Given the number of advertisements concerning weight loss it can be safely derived that the wanting to be losers are like lemmings in number. This fad of losing weight is like that seasonal fever that refuses to go away even after a handsome dose of antibiotics. From the obese child of fourteen to corporate dick of 42 seems to be hell bent  on surging on the number of losers on this already over populated planet.

If these people are not abject objects of hatred then WHAT IS?

Why on earth would you want to lose weight rather than fat?
                      Losing fat while gaining lean muscle weight should be your motto on the first place. But this idea seems to be lost in translation due to the large number of ignorant fools who claim themselves to be experts.Fat loss is not as complicated as you would like to believe and eventually avoid any kind of effort resembling hard work. The process is actually simple but do not confuse simple with easy.

Considering you're a youth of 25 and is a continuous source of laughter for your friends due to your body that is closer to being a bag of potatoes rather than a human form the greatest barrier in your path of becoming the macho honcho of your town is the sheer lack of will on your part.If you have the will to put in the effort we have a plan.

This is ME. I still consider myself a beginner though I'm way better than 90% of you reading this blog.

Now that you're back after vomiting your shit out for being more humiliated than ever in your life lets get on the path of becoming at least ME, and a superhero afterwards. 

Schedule :
3 alternate days a week

Day 1 : 
15 mins of jogging
5 mins of panting(Humiliation Once again,Ha Ha),
5 mins of jumping jack
5 mins of cursing me
you're done for the day

Day 2:
Curse me once again
5 mins of Squat jumps
2 mins of rest
5 mins of Squat Thrust
10 mins of being dead
5 mins of light jogging
Once again you're done for the day

Day 3:
5 mins of jogging
2 mins rest
3 mins of mountain climbers
2 mins of rest
5 mins skipping
2 mins of rest
Spot running till you fade out

That is your initial plan right there. Start on the mission if you dare or else get ready for being the constant source of inspiration for your local stand up comedian for the rest of your life.See you next time if you are still alive..

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