Saturday, 13 July 2013

PROGRAMMING : What it should be rather than what it is, for beginners especially

 If this is you, I don't blame you.

The factors governing strength training in reality and on the internet seem to get more and more dissimilar by the minute every day. It is not too uncommon to find exact opposite opinions from two equally famous(?) gurus on how to get SUPER STRONG! Yet they both have successful examples under their belt to show(if you can actually see them ,i.e.). Therefore as a beginner, foggy confusion and parkour like jumps from one program to the other becomes unavoidable. And nothing can be more damaging to strength gains than monkeying from one routine to the other every fortnight.

Thinking about a lot of programs will only turn you into a faggot.

To be on a path towards surefire strength (whether “inhuman” or “ungodly”. I don’t know!) Following a program is necessary. So onto the question, “What is the correct Program?” Frankly, there is no ONE correct program. Definitely not for everyone. And thinking about programming led me to the fact that all my years following a fixed program, from Wendler to Russian, actually got me less results than when I trained on a dynamic program based on a few tried and tested principles (which I will elucidate later on) of strength training. 
This is Wendler and he has a lot of variety incorporated in his own training programs

If you are actually surprised by what I just said then please dial your neighbor Mr. Common Sense and seat him beside you and think. Did all the great lifters that you worship stick with the same routine they espoused at various times year after year without change? Also did they actually NOT lift some 10kilos more even when they felt like just because the number on the routine sheet for that day told them not to and possibly fail later on with a much heavier weight? Of course not!
All of the HE MEN above have thrived on VARIETY

You are an unique individual. Unique in every aspect, from mentality to bio mechanics. Then why on earth do you want to follow a generalized program? Build your own based on the following set of concepts:

·         Nothing beats  lifting free weights, i.e. barbell and dumbbell, EVER.

·         Calisthenics should be included religiously.

·         Establish a 1RM on every big compound lifts to start with.

·         What, did you actually ask what are the big compound lifts??? If you did you should be ashamed to death. Go google!

·         Always train heavy. Yes, always. Train within the 75% to 80 % range of your 1RM always.

·         Go for as many sessions as you can in a week, heavy. Remember overtraining is not as real as it is made out to be. Just eat and sleep as much as you need.

·         Do a Squat (or deadlift), a Push or a Pull as your core lifts for the day with rep ranges from 15 to 25 over as many sets as you need. Don’t be rigid. About sets.

·         On succeeding days of heavy training, go for serious bodyweight training, just be careful that you don’t tire your muscles for the next day’s lifts.

·         Rest on whichever day you feel like, listen to your body (it is far more intelligent than you are)!

·         Get HELL strong!!!

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