Friday, 2 August 2013

ARMed and Dangerous: Part I

 No Post on Arms can start without this man, Bodybuilding himself...

As the festive season is drawing close, the closet bodybuilders will start to swing into action to load their guns by any means possible and dazzle the chicks with their often misplaced valor. The gyms will start to swell with "Will turn the next Mr. Olympia the very next month" candidates. All curling their way to individual Hall of Fames about which no one else gives a fuck about. And that too with weights that even the weight machines would fail to register. A couple of months( may be weeks?) at the gym, toiling hard every day( at the curls mind you), and once the festive season is over, the gyms are like haunted ruins once again with the same old lunatics grinding out excruciatingly heavy weights, people who TRAIN and not workout. The supplement comps have made their dough in the meantime already. An extremely tiring process. All for what? Nothing but hope of making it BIG the next time. What a shame! 

I'd bet that's you!


First a word of caution. This is not an absolute beginner's program. If you cannot hit 10 reps at least in the pull ups or chin ups then get to this program at your own risk.

Well, for the appropriate iron army out there, this is the deal:
  • Curls may not be the only move to die for when it comes to loading some freaky Guns, but utilised properly, they are one of the best. Trust me on this one or trust him...
    That is World's Strongest Man Magnus Samuelsson curling a man as weights in the gym probably fell short
  • When specializing on arms it is absolutely ridiculous to consider the moves as pumping exercises only. Make them Max Effort moves, seriously. Not all but some. I'll show you how later on.
  • Breaking your own Personal Records every week on the primary focus arm movement is key to this program. Not just bar weight PR but volume PR as well.
  • NO machines.NO machines.NO machines.NO machines.NO machines. Machines are for them...

Are you one like him? Then use machines.
  •  Use MOMENTUM. Yes, you read right, use momentum. Fuck the form nazis, The Barbarian Brothers were right. Used correctly momentum is an weapon rather than a flaw. Heavy cheat curls have built million times more muscle than slow, controlled movements. Ask the Governor

Any comment is needless. 

Now onto the rice and butter, The Program.

This is a 4 week block. You train for three alternate days.

WEEK 1 and WEEK 3

Day 1                                                       Day 2                                           Day 3

Heavy Cheat curls                         Alternate Db Curls                       Heavy Kroc rows 
3 sets of 3 reps(Go heavy)             4 sets of 10 reps                          5 sets of 5 reps ( HEAAAVY)
Weighted dips                               No tricep work                           Close grip Bench Press
3 sets of 5 reps(Go heavy)                                                                5 sets of 5 reps (HEAAAVY)                                       
In week 3 break your bar weight PR in Day 1 and Day 3 Exercises.

WEEK 2 and WEEK 4

Day 1                                                       Day 2                                           Day 3

Heavy Rope Curls                                  Chin ups                               Weighted pull ups
3 sets of 5 reps                                       50 total reps                          5 sets of 3 reps
( You can use towels 
instead of ropes if you                                                                         Weighted push ups 
wish)                                                                                                   3 sets of 5 reps

Ultra strict Military
or Overhead Press
3 sets of 5 reps 

In week 4 break your bar weight PR in Day 1 and Day 3 Exercises.

Do not change any parameter in this program or you will lose your results. Go heavy like you mean it every time. No movement mentioned above is complex to execute, so no excuses please. You will get fugitive strong at the end of the 4 weeks and ready for Part II. Coming up next. Till then, carry on GUNNERS! 

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