Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Armed & Dangerous: Part II

Yes those are arms to die for, and you will probably have to do just that before you get there without developing STRENGTH

The first part, a bit to my surprise, actually elicited responses which I hardly expected! The general view was that it is "a Strength program" and not a "Mass" program!?! Huh! I will not run the gamut of explaining the WHY YOU NEED STRENGTH FIRST FOR WHATEVER GOAL YOU HAVE, because any monster truck with the engine of a moped will get you the same results as a program geared to build size without strength will. Choose what you will.

The more sensible people among you who have followed the first month base template as was laid down, should be curious about what next? (By the way, do report me back about your results, I would be curious too!) Well, the next part will focus on increased volume as well as intensity but lower frequency.

This time the arms get the treatment for only two days of the week, and that too biceps get their own day as well as the triceps. A split of Arms really! First, I'll lay down the program and then onto the explanations.

Day 1                                                                                                       Day2            
30 total chin ups                                                                               50 total bar dips
Add weight if the number is too easy        Use rings or add weight if the number is too easy

Strict Barbell Curls                                                      Strict Close Grip Bench Press
3 sets of 10 reps                                                                                 3 sets of 10 reps
Put your back on the wall                                           Pause for 1 second at the bottom

Heavy 2 arm Db cheat curls                                                  One arm Db push Press
Choose a wight you can do 10                                            2 sets per arm up to failure
reps with and complete 25 rep                                     Use enough momentum to start
s with as little rest in between                the Db but finish with your Triceps strength.
as possible.                                             only

You are going to follow this template for 3 weeks only. Yes, 3 weeks this time and not 4 for reasons you need not know for now. And you do not have permission to change anything at all! In the words of Pavel, step to the left and I shoot!
Yeah, this man has to be there in a post about arms, Weighted dips, as you would like it
Freaky is the first word that came to my mind when I saw this. What was yours? Weighted chin ups

Now for some finer points. For the Strict Barbell Curls and Strict Close Grip Bench Press, pick a weight that you can just manage for 10 reps and no less. You should be well equipped to handle heavy loads by now after running the first part of the program. So do not shortchange yourself. Next, in the Heavy 2 arm Db cheat curls use as much momentum as you would like as long as the weight is too heavy to strict curl. I, actually come up on my toes while doing it and believe me it is a killer! The one arm Db push press is, for some reason rarely and barely used! The reason, if there is any, must be completely irrational to say the least! Done in the manner mentioned, this will build triceps like little else. You may add a twist for these. Ask someone to time you for 30 seconds and let yourself loose. Crank and bang out rep after rep, keeping in mind that you fully extend your arm. Beat the reps in the next set! You will not believe the hammering your tris will take.
This heavy is definitely accepted...

And there you have it. The complete map to treasured ARMs.
Do summon your inner savage if you even hope to get through this torture. If you actually manage to go through without it, you know what, my grandma was laughing at you!!!

Make me proud Gunners, put the cranes to shame, lift scarily heavy! Nothing less is even worth consideration.


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